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Adding hundreds of doorway pages to your site will not get you found. Targeting the "easy keywords" will not get you a lot of traffic. Stuffing keywords in a meta tag is a waste of time.

What does work? Researching your industry, your keywords, your competitors; developing a plan that will give your business the best chance at success; working with you to redevelop your site and make it search engine friendly; providing you with complete, high-quality search engine optimization services.

Online Marketing International is one of the leading SEO companies offering outstanding Search Engine Optimization SEO services: SEO Consultant Services, Website Promotion, Link Exchange Services and Search Engine Placement.

Our SEO experts follow SEO news and place websites at the top of search engine results every day.

Understanding how search engines rank web pages, is what allows our Search Engine Optimization company to be one of the leading SEO companies in the whole world. With over 5 years of experience on Search Engine Optimization industry and understanding features of leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to name a few.

Because, in fact, the search engines provide the biggest number of relevant visitors to the owners of the Internet portals. The key to success of your site optimization is well-balanced structure of your project, fine navigation, competently designed content of your site, and, of course, quality provided advertising campaign.

We offer Internet Marketing Services to help you rank higher in the search engines and drive major traffic to your website.

There are two important factors in any Search Engine Optimization Campaign:

1. Serve the Site Visitors what they are looking for.
2. Adapt your Web Site to what the Search Engines Spider is looking for.

Search Engine Optimization Factors

Search Engines have computers and programs called "Spiders" that collect information about your web pages
in an attempt to "figure out" what your pages are about.

These spiders gather information from your pages and use these in factoring which sites get ranked higher than others. Search Engines analyze over 100 On-Page

Factors when analyzing your web pages

High search rankings in SERPs generate lot of traffic to websites. To convert this traffic into sales, you need to have a professional and elegant looking website which would appeal to your visitors and persuade them to make a purchase. This is where our Web Design and Development services come to your support. We will develop a powerful Brand for your business where visitors would feel comfortable making purchases and would like to return again and again for their shopping needs.


Web Content Writing

One of such SEO activities is Web Content writing. During the entire course of the SEO campaign (6 to 12 months), we would add lots of fresh new Articles/Web contents to our clients’ website.

Each article will have a strong theme focused on a Topic. All these LSI optimized contents and articles go a long way in strengthen the entire theme of the website.

Web Content writing is different from writing for any other media (print, billboard, TV etc). It is very important to plan and structure the contents carefully beforehand so that the search engines can find and list the pages in your website appropriately and as highly as possible.

Another important component of search engine optimization services is our Natural link building campaign which is an effective service to increase your website´s link popularity. Each link secured for your website is researched and identified. Then individual webmasters are approached with a request for link exchange and then finally establish link exchanges. We do NOT use any Link building software.

Some of the major On-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors are:

Keyword Density
Words in Title Tag
Words in the Page
Words in Links
Words in Headings
Words in Bold
Beginning Words
Words in URL
Meta Tags (some engines)
HTML Validation
Directory Listings
Link Structure
"Indexability" of the page and Hundreds of Other Factors.

Our service includes: Keyword Research, Meta Tags, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), load time optimization, text suggestions, keyword density optimized, Banner Advertising Services and more.

How can our SEO Company get your website listed at the top of search engines? For the first time it sounds like a pretty simple question, but unfortunately, search engine optimization can be a complicated subject.

Do you have proper site architecture and are all your pages getting spidered? Are you taking full advantage of the unknown elements that can help you naturally rank high?

We always strive to offer the BEST possible solutions to our clients and if these are some of the things you would like to improve on your website. You probally want to Consider our Marketing optimization services for your web marketing campaign.

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